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    Honeywell International s.r.o.
    V Parku 2325/16,
    148 00 Prague - Chodov
    Czech Republic

    Aerospace and R&D projects
    Ing. Ludek Nechleba, M.B.A.
    +420 234 625 980
    Mobile: +420 602 698 039
    E-mail: ludek.nechleba(at)honeywell.com

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    Honeywell has a long and proud heritage in the Czech Republic. Since opening its first office in 1962, Aerospace has expanded to operate from three locations in the Czech Republic: Prague, Olomouc and Brno. Each of these sites offers a range of skills, capabilities and technologies. Honeywell Aerospace is a major supplier of innovative avionic, mechanical systems and other products for commercial, business and general aviation sectors. Sales and customer support in Prague is serving the EMEAI (Europe, Middle East, Africa and India) region and focusing on the following segments:

    • ATR – Air Transport and Regional aviation
    • BGA – Business and General Aviation
    • D&S – Defense and Space

    In the space sector, Honeywell provides innovative products that have contributed to the mission success of many different and varied space platforms. Honeywell has provided thousands of systems required for accurate momentum control, pointing, vibration isolation, guidance and navigation, semi-conductors, data control and other satellite & launch vehicle products.

    HONEYWELL in SESAR and Clean Sky
    • Honeywell is a Member of both the Clean Sky and SESAR Joint Undertakings
    • Both programmes are improving the safety and efficiency of air travel and minimize aviation’s environmental impact and very well aligned with Honeywell Aerospace technology development road maps in the Czech Republic.
    • Honeywell is also very active in the design of the next generation technologies that will support the safe and effective use of unmanned platforms.
    • A variety of innovative technologies are being worked on, ranging from all sorts of cockpit technologies for large passenger aircraft, regional aircraft and small aircraft, to the next generation electro-mechanical actuators for flight control surfaces, system health monitoring technologies, and high-tech maintenance support tools.
    Competences & Capabilities

    Honeywell’s footprint in the Czech Republic builds upon a history of excellence in serving the European aerospace industry and our customers. Engineering and research activities are done mainly from the Prague and Brno research and design centers. Leveraging our industrial and research capability across the Czech Republic, Honeywell serves aerospace users with state of the art research and technology capability in number of areas:

    • Flight Controls – software development and verification, system engineering, direct mode control law implementation, system verification
    • Digital engine control – design and developing software for DECs and FADECs.
    • Satellite navigation – multi-constellation GNSS receivers
    • Satellite Communication
    • ATM research – SESAR 1, SESAR 2020
    • Aircraft systems
    • Avionics RF design and prototyping – navigation, communication, receivers/transmitters Cabin Pressure Systems,
    • Electrical Power Systems,
    • Integrated Space Vehicle Health Management
    • Human Factors
    • Unmanned Aerial Systems – Sense & Avoid technology, collision avoidance algorithms, low cost navigation systems, avionics/payload architecture, GPS denied areas navigation, automation landing procedures, fault tolerant algorithms
    • Component engineering
    • Hardware design – mechanical design, electrical layout design
    • Simulation – SW development and support of simulators, simulation benches
    • Test engineering – flight controls, integrated platforms, displays and other systems testing
    • Process Controllers
    • Satellite Guidance & Attitude Control
    • Control Moment Gyros
    • Reaction and Momentum Wheels
    • Momentum Control Systems
    • Actuation and Vibration Control Systems
    • MEMS
    • Manufacturing of Mechanical Components
    • and other
    Major Space Projects & References
    ESA Bidder Code: 58021
    Process Controllers
    Honeywell provides a variety of process controllers for varied space applications including the International Space Station and Satellites.
    Satellite Guidance & Attitude Control
    Honeywell’s space business has more than 40-year experience producing first-rate guidance, navigation and control products for various space platforms. Products include:
    • Miniature Inertial Measurement Unit (MIMU)
    • High Performance Fiber Optic Gyro- Based Inertial Reference System
    • Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
    Integrated Space Vehicle Health Management
    Honeywell’s cutting-edge Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) system captures and integrates comprehensive database, it also functions as a “brain” that can analyze total-vehicle data, diagnose problems, recommend corrective actions, and verify return-to-health data.
    Multi-constellation Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)
    Honeywell is running multiple research projects in multi-constellation global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receivers that combine multiple signals to improve reliability and accuracy for global positioning. Our products include EGI (Embedded GPS/INS), SIGI (Space Integrated GPS/INS), EGPWS (Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System), etc. Research labs in the Czech Republic have currently expertise in all aspects of GNSS technology including ultra-tight coupling of GPS and INS and high integrity INS/ GPS algorithms for precision approach and autonomous landing.
    Satellite Communication
    Close cooperation with ESA have created new successful projects in following areas:
    • ATN/OSI and security gateway development for Inmarsat User Terminal (Iris-Precursor) enabling SATCOM to complement VHF datalink as enabler for near and mid-term safety critical ATM applications
    • Design and development of User Terminal of new satellite communication system for safety critical air/ground data and voice communication
    Vibration Isolation
    Honeywell has extensive experience in isolating complete satellites from launch vibration, and in reducing on-orbit disturbances. Utilizing this experience and a dedicated development laboratory, Honeywell has the expertise leading to a high probability of mission success, regardless of the spacecraft challenge presented.
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