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    Sokolovská 573, Mařatice, Uherské Hradiště, 686 01

    We have developed and produced highly specialised products and systems. Their quality is verified in the most demanding sectors, such as aviation or military industry.

    Fields of application:

    Aircraft instruments and systems

    The development and production of aircraft instruments is the main pillar of the Group since its founding. We cooperate with both military and civil research institutes and schools. We are reliable professionals; we provide verified technological solutions for civil and military aircraft of many types.

    Modernization of airplanes and helicopters

    We have been a part of the aircraft industry continuously for more than sixty years. We are able to provide comprehensive logistic support for L-39 and L-410 aircraft including deliveries of spare parts, overhauls and also trainings. We replace and restore navigation and monitoring systems and starting units.

    Mechanical parts for aircraft

    We supply investment castings for leading aircraft manufacturers in the world. The quality system is certified according to AS EN 9100, rev. C, for the aircraft industry. It is commonplace to supply machined castings, including heat treatment, surface treatment and non-destructive testing.

    Aircraft and military equipment trade

    We are one of the leading exporters and importers of aircraft and military equipment in the Czech Republic and a reliable mediator in international contacts. Extensive experience, traditional partnerships and dealerships in many countries allow us to implement demanding projects in the role of general contractor.

    Modernization of airports

    We provide expert assessment, design, engineering and final deliveries and services. In particular, we deliver navigation systems, air traffic management systems, voice communication systems, lighting systems, ground support equipment, and arrival and departure information systems.

    Tactical communication

    Comprehensive and interconnected systems of tactical communication for the support of command and control of military operations. Ensuring voice and data services with the use of superior radio communication technology.

    Vehicle communication systems

    Development and production of several generations of vehicle intercoms and active noise reduction (ANR) headsets. Based on the needs of modern armies, we expanded our portfolio to include also tactical loudspeakers, extercoms and other devices.


    MESIT holding, a.s.
    Sokolovská 573, Mařatice
    686 01 Uherské Hradiště
    Czech Republic

    Managing Director (CEO)
    Ing. Vladislav Mazúrek, Ph.D.
    T +420 572 522 100

    MESIT asd, s.r.o.
    Sokolovská 573, Mařatice
    686 01 Uherské Hradiště
    Czech Republic
    T +420 572 522 200

    MESIT aerotrade, a.s.
    Beranových 130
    199 04 Praha 9 – Letňany
    Czech Republic
    T +420 283 102 811
    F +420 283 102 812

    MESIT foundry, a.s.
    Sokolovská 573, Mařatice
    68601 Uherské Hradiště
    Czech Republic
    T +420 572 522 699

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