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AAM - membership area
    Vlkovská 279, Velká Bíteš, 595 01

    Internet: http://www.pbs.cz
    E-mail: info@pbs.cz
    Tel.: +420 566 822 100 (101, 304)
    Fax: +420 566 822 135 (372)
    IČ: 00176109

    Contact person: Mr. Bohumil Antos
    Tel.: +420 566 822 304
    Fax: +420 566 822 372
    E-mail: antos.b@pbs.cz

    PBS Velka Bites is a member of PBS GROUP - stable, high quality and innovative engineering company that has been active in the field of high precision engineering for over 200 years.

    The key area for PBS Velka Bites is aerospace engineering: in-house development, production, testing and certification of small turbojet, turboprop and turboshaft engines, auxiliary power units (APU) and environmental control systems (ECS).
    Thanks to the excellent thrust-to-weight ratio PBS turbojet engines, with a guaranteed thrust range of 400 – 1,500 Newtons, currently rank in their category among the best ones in the world.

    Auxiliary power unit (APU) and environmental control systems (ECS) are proven in thousands of aeroplanes and helicopters all over the world.
    PBS quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001, AS 9100, ISO 14001 and Nadcap. PBS is further a holder of Design Organisation Approval (DOA), Production Organisation Approval (POA) and Maintenance Organisation Approval (MOA) issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

    The PBS manufacturing programme further includes precision casting, precision machining, surface treatment and cryogenics – helium turboexpanders or cascades of low-temperature compressors.

    Aircraft technique division:

    • Small gas turbines (APU) working as air generators for aircraft starting systems and as emergency power source for aircraft and helicopters (L39, L59, L159, Mi-8, Mi-17, K8, etc.);
    • Turbojet engines (TJ100) for UAV, UCAV and target drones;
    • Air starting systems for aircraft engines;
    • Components for aircraft and helicopter systems such as turbocooling units, heat exchangers, water separators, special fittings and parts for pneumatic regulation, actuators, closing valves;
    • High speed gearboxes;
    • Helium expansion turbines used in the process of gas liquefying;
    • Cold compressor unit for aspiration of helium vapours in superconductive arrangements;
    • Ground power units (GPU) of electrical power and pressure air;
    • Cogeneration units (combined heads and power – CHP – based on the turbine engine);
    • Turbine engines for permanent magnet high speed generator driving.
    • Special processes: heat treatment and brazing in vacuum, gear grinding, coating of turbine blades;
    • Testing of aerospace technology;
    • NDT testing;
    • Repairs, general overhauls and servicing of aerospace technology;
    • R&D.

    Precision casting division:

    • Investment castings of carbon steel, high-alloy steel and superalloys on nickel and cobalt base of weight ranging from 0.05 – 44 kg;
    • Castings of turbocharger wheels, turbocharger blades, IGT blades, aerospace castings (blisks, rotor and guide wheels of APU and jet engines);
    • Air and vacuum casting;
    • Casting certification in the company testing laboratory.

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