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    Huštěnovská 2022, Staré Město, 686 03
    Internet: http://www.rayservice.com
    E-mail:   info@rayservice.com
    Tel.:      +420 572 434 311
    GSM:     +420 724 027 441
    Fax:      +420 572 577 077 
    IČ:        27756203

    Chairman of the Board: Ing. Petr Gabriel
    tel.: +420 572 434 333
    E-mail: gabriel@rayservice.com

    CEO:    Jakub Gabriel
    tel.: +420 572 434 329
    E-mail: jakub.gabriel@rayservice.com


    RayService is a production and distribution company which offers complete solutions of cable harnesses. From highly demanded applications in military, airborne and transportation systems to a wide range of other commercial applications.
    Cable harness assemblies
    Ray Service has got stabilized team of qualified staff with experience in completing cable harnesses above all for military applications. The company produces cable harnesses accurately by the customer requirements or it can offer its design capabilities and make out cable design, its optimization, prototype production, installation, parameters verification and finally a serial production.
    The company is involved in offset programs in connection with the acquisitions of Czech army.
    Quality certificates
    • AS9100
    • AQAP 2120
    •        EASA POA Part 21, Section A, Subpart G
    Our experience in cable components distribution and our close business relationship with their main producers like Tyco Electronic and ITT Cannon complement our strengths in cable harness manufacture.
    Especially for A&D applications we offer at your disposal a wide range of mutual compatible harness components like:
    •  Wires & multicore cables
    •  Custom designated cables
    •  Electrical screening braids
    • Heat-shrinkable tubing
    • Connectors & backshell adapters
    • Moulded parts
    • Interconnection devices
    • Data Bus (MIL-STD-1553B) components
    • Adhesives, sealants and gels
    • Identification products
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