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AAM - membership area
    Navigační 787, Jeneč u Prahy, 252 61
    Internet: http://www.ans.cz
    E-mail: ans@ans.cz
    Tel.: +420 220 371 111
    Fax: +420 220 373 273
    IČ:   49710371

    Address: AIR NAVIGATION SERVICES OF THE CZECH REPUBLIC, Navigační 787, 252 61 Jeneč u Prahy, Czech Republic

    Contact person: Mr. Richard Klíma, Head of DG Office

    The state owned enterprise Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic (ANS CR) was established on 1st January 1995 on the basis of the Resolution of the Minister of Transport dated 28th December 1994.
    The key task of ANS CR is to maintain a safe environment for air traffic in the dynamically growing industry of civil aviation and ever changing conditions of international air transport.

    ANS CR provides, in accordance with legal regulations and international civil aviation standards, public aviation services to users of the airspace of the Czech Republic, at the airports of Praha, Brno, Ostrava and Karlovy Vary and at other airports on a commercial basis.

    ANS CR is involved in many international activities in pan-European and regional programme for harmonization of ATM procedures, systems and human resources. It also plays an important role in the process of implementation of the CEATS (Central European Air Traffic Services) programme.

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