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AAM - membership area
    Jundrovská 33, Brno, 624 00
    Internet: www.unis-daac.cz
    E-mail: daac(at)unis.cz
    Tel.: +420 541 515 111
    Fax: +420 541 210 361
    IČ: 00532304

    Contact persons:
    Jiří Kovář – owner and member of the Board
    István Szabó – Division director
    [Tel.: +420 541 515 504, GSM: +420 725 184 557, e-mail: iszabo@unis.cz]
    Vladimír Opluštil – Head of System Architecture and Technical development department

    UNIS company is an expanding company with strong domestic and foreign market position. Division of Aerospace & Advanced Control develop and produce high quality and state-of-the-art products that are used in critical control applications. Our company provides climatic and vibration, EMC and HALT / HASS tests.

    Division of Aerospace & Advanced Control is focused on development and production in the following areas:
    • aviation technology (avionics, ECU/FADEC)
    • power electronics
    • small energy sources (cogeneration)
    • micro-turbine control
    • critical control systems
    • robotics
    • automation
    • embedded systems

    Due to high professionality and expertise of our team we are able to ensure a complete development cycle and product lifetime. These steps cover:
    • problem analysis and technical solution design
    • electronic circuits and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design(hardware)
    • software design
    • mechanical parts design
    • prototype design
    • final testing according to relevant standards

    UNIS company is member of the Association Of The Aviation Manufacturers Czech Republic (ALV-CR), The European Association of Aerospace Industries (AECMA), and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).
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