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AAM - membership area
    Beranových 130, Praha - Letňany, 199 05
    Phone: +420 225 115 332
    E-mail: info@vzlu.cz
    Internet: www.vzlu.cz
    IČ: 00010669

    Mr. Josef Kašpar - General Director Tel.: +420 225 115 100
    Mr. Viktor Kučera - Technical Director Tel.: +420 225 115 101
    Mr. Karel Paiger - Business Development Tel.: +420 225 115 332

    Services Offered


    • Research and development in the field of applied external and internal aerodynamics;
    • CFD flow computation, aircraft design, optimizations and flight mechanics;
    • Development of specialized CFD software for external and internal aerodynamics;
    • Development of simulation tools pertinent to the area of aero-elasticity;
    • Measurement in VZLU's low speed and high speed wind tunnels - aviation, power industry, surface transport, construction industry, etc.;
    • Measurement of wind resistance of building structures, pedestrian wind comfort, etc.;
    • Simulation and measurement of harmful gas propagation in the atmosphere;
    • Design and production of models suited for wind tunnel testing;

    Structure Strength and Durability

    • Research and development in the field of strength and durability of structures;
    • Stress analysis, computational and experimental verification of material strength;
    • Static and fatigue tests of advanced structures;
    • Modal analysis, aero-elasticity, and ground vibration testing (GVT);
    • Testing of material properties and experimental stress analysis;
    • Non-destructive testing (NDT);
    • Development of new procedures and software applications of stress analysis;
    • Development of new methodologies for different types of strength tests and modal analysis;

    Materials and Technologies

    • Research and development in the field of materials;
    • Research in the field of surface protective coatings;
    • Development of composite manufacturing technologies based on infusion methods as RTM, VARTM, VIP etc.;

    Coating and corrosion engineering

    • Research and development of surface treatments;

    Aircraft Turbines and Compressors

    • Research and development of combustion chambers;
    • Research and development in the area of gas turbine engines and compressors;

    Aircraft Propellers and Industrial Fans

    • Development of advanced aircraft propellers;
    • Development of advanced industrial fans;

    Composite structures

    • Research and development of advanced composite structures;
    • Development of composite structures for special purposes(e.g. a radio-transparent);

    Space applications

    • Development of micro-accelerometers and other scientific instruments for space applications;
    • Engineering and testing services for the space industry.
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