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    Ulice 3. května 800, 513 01 Semily

    Website: www.charvat-axl.cz
    E-mail: axl(at)charvat-axl.cz
    Tel.: +420 481 654 316
    Fax: +420 481 623 336
    IČ: 60913959

    Contact people:

    Name Position Phone
    Mr. Jiří Patka CEO +420 481 654 312
    Mr. Jaroslav Pauer Aeronautical production Manager +420 481 654 443; GSM +420 777 298 927

    Company Profile

    Charvát AXL, joint stock company, continues the tradition of manufacturing for aircraft industry, which dates back as far as 1952. Within the restructuring of the Czechoslovak aircraft industry, the company shifted over to demanding aircraft production, specializes in the landing gear for the B 33 combat aircraft and later also the IL 14 transport aircraft. In the following years when the company operated under the Technometra brand, the range was completed with the development and production of undercarriages for the Z 37 Čmelák series dusting aircraft and undercarriages for the Zlin Z 42 and Z 43 sports aircraft family. The most demanding products that the company handled in the way of development as well as production included the landing gear for the L 410 UVP-E transport aircraft and the landing gear for the L 610 aircraft manufactured by the Let Kunovice.

    At present, the company focuses its programme on two basic fields: firts, the production of hydraulic elements and equipment, mainly the hydraulic cylinders; second, the production of components and aggregates for aircraft technology.
    In the area of aircraft technology, the company's production programme includes the undercarriages for the ZLIN series sport aircraft manufactured by ZLIN Aircraft a.s., the undercarriage components for the L 410 aircraft produced by AERO Vodochody, the components for the propellers made by AVIA Propeller s.r.o., parts of the accelerating rocket motors for aircraft rescue systems and mechanical parts with complex structures. Charvát AXL also performs the overhauls of the undercarriages for the Z 42, Z 43 and Z 37 Čmelák series aircraft.

    At present Charvát AXL employs total of 160 employees with an annual turnover approx. CZK 160 million.


    The quality of products is demonstrated by their successful use by domestic as well as foreign purchasers in the most demanding operating conditions and all climatic zones.

    The company has quality system certification in accordance with the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009, ČSN EN ISO 3834-2:2006 and ČSN EN 15085 standards within the certification level scope of CL2 and CL4. It uses 100 % output control, which guarantees the high quality of production. It evaluates the experience from the operation of its products with the users and uses the results in the increase of their technical parameters as well as in the development of other products.

    Charvát AXL, joint stock company, is the holder of the EASA Part 21, Subpart G the Production Organisation Approval issued by the CAA Czech Republic in compliance with the European Aviation Safety Agency.
    The company is also the holder of certification in accordance with the ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005 standard for the area of environmental management.

    Possibilities of Co-operative production:

    Charvát Axl has the following technologies and equipment available for co-operative production:

    • Milling up to the part size of 600x1000x250 mm in 3 and 4 axes;
    • CNC truning up to the length of 4500 mm and 400 mm in diameter;
    • Honing up to the length of 2000 mm and 180 mm in diameter;
    • Centre grinding up to the length of 2000 mm and 400 mm in diameter;
    • Plain grinding up to the length of 800 mm, width of 300 mm and height of 350 mm;
    • Centreless grinding up to the length of 100 mm and 250 mm in diameter;
    • Punch grinding up to the length of 1400 mm and 250 mm in diameter;
    • Thread rolling up to the length of 125 mm and 3 to 70 mm in diameter.


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