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AAM - membership area
    Jana Babáka 2733/11, Brno Královo Pole, 612 00

    +420 724 391 956
    E-mail: info[at]serenumspace.com
    Website: www.serenumspace.com


    Custom design and development of electronics

    • Custom design of electronics, digital signal processing, data acquisition systems, and real-time process control
    • FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) design, IP core development, high-throughput real-time data processing, on-the-fly re-programmability, using RTL (VHDL) synthesis with optional low-level EDIF netlist generation, including alternative industrial and aerospace versions

    Measurement and control design

    • Special equipment manufacturing, motion analysis and control in robotics, transport, navigation, stabilization
    • Localization systems based on inertial-, camera- and beacon-based measurements, optional fusion with satellite navigation; own robust estimation algorithms tailored to specifics of 3D motion properties
    • Analysis, calculation and implementation of controllers and estimators; implementation of measurement and control in real-time as well as offline processing
    • Industrial robot control (serial kinematic chains), manipulators, inverse kinematics, interpolation, multi-axis trajectory synchronization
    • Digital signal processing, algorithm implementation or stand-alone hardware solutions; experience in healthcare, software-defined radio, acoustics, and image processing

    Time and Clock Management

    • Delay compensation and adjustment for use in telecommunications, satellite technology, and navigation
    • Precision time metrology, custom built equipment, event time, interval and phase measurement (10-12…10-10 s RMS single-shot jitter), accurate frequency/phase synthesis; optimal estimation of time and phase of the measurement system clocks (clock ensembling), distribution and synchronization of time in the industrial and computer networks, electro-optical devices calibration
    • Measurement, generation and distribution of precise time and timestamps, systems based on radiation-tolerant FPGA
      Numerical simulation of timing and photonic devices


    • Electronic and electromechanical system audit and optimization
    • Design and processing of prototypes including production documentation
    • Measurement and testing (clean room class 100 000, vacuum better than 10-3 Pa, variable temperature
    design: DIS MEDIA
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