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AAM - membership area
    5. května 118, Milevsko, 399 01
    Tel.: +420 382 524 224
    Fax: +420 382 524 224
    E-mail: sales(at)auranet.cz
    Website: www.auranet.cz
    IČ: 63275546
    Company management:
    Petr Bašík, CEO, Chairman of the board of directors
    Petr Veselý, Director of the R&d center
    Petr Kortánek, Production director

    Marketing: sales(at)auranet.cz

    AURA Inc. has been in business for 22 years. It was founded in August 1995 by combining several renowned companies operating for many years in the field of industrial diagnostics and electronics.
    The main activities include the development, manufacturing and supplying of equipment for technical diagnostics and monitoring of machines, technology control systems, elements of industrial automation and special sensors. Production of vibration sensors, vibration diagnostics, rotation speed measurement, vibration converters.

    Basic activities:
    - diagnostics of aircraft jet engines
    - bearing condition diagnostics
    - diagnostics of vibrations
    - galvanic insulation
    - measurement of vibration and operational status of aircraft engines
    - AURA Inc. has developed MLM 1.2 device as a replacement for the original sets of vibration diagnostics of aircraft engines
    - AURA Inc. has developed diagnostic equipment for monitoring the condition of helicopters bearings and gearboxes

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