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    Nádražní 400, 783 65 Hlubočky-Mariánské údolí


    Phone: 585 128 111
    Email: aerospaceolomouc@honeywell.com

    Company profile:
    The Honeywell Olomouc Aerospace site specializes in the manufacturing (OEM) and overhaul (R&O) of complex static sheet metal and heat resistant components made of stainless steel and special alloys such as aluminum, nickel, cobalt and titanium for the majority of Honeywell aircraft engines and auxiliary power units.
    Honeywell Olomouc’s products can be found in power units of the leading aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Cessna, COMAC, Dassault, Embraer, General Electric, Gulfstream, Hawker Beechcraft and others.
    Every year we introduce tens of new products, most of which are part of the new Honeywell Turbofan engine (HTF 7000).

    Key technologies:
    Welding – TIG, EB, RW, TIG torch, Percussion studs welding
    Forming - conventional, hydroform
    Machining - turning, milling, drilling (both manual and CNC)
    Plasma coating – thermal spray coating
    Vacuum heat treatment
    Vacuum brazing – brazing alloys (nickel, cobalt, silver and copper)
    EDM - electro-spindle machining (wires, dies)
    Laser – drilling, cutting, marking
    Waterjet Cutting / Stripping
    Galvanic and chemical processes
    Non-destructive testing - FPI, X-ray, ultrasound, 3D scan
    Measuring methods: CMM evaluation (touch probe, optics, BlueLight method), Oil flow, Airlow
    Electro-sparkle grinding of honeycombs

    1951 - Production of components for M05 and M06 aircraft engines in Hlubočky.
    1971 - Mora Moravia produces the stator and fired parts of the M601 engine.
    1981 - Mora Moravia participates in the development of DV2 engine for L-39, L-59 and JAK-130.
    1996 - Mora Moravia produces parts for the L-159 Alca training aircraft engine.
    1996 - Co-operation with the American company AlliedSignal started.
    2000 - Establishment of a service center for mandatory overhauls of engines.
    2002 - Acquisition of Mory Aerospace by Honeywell.
    2009 - Moving a large part of production from Phoenix to Hlubočky.
    2018 - Production of parts and assembly of higher units into the Honeywell Turbofan engine

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