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    Vaclav Havel Airport Prague, Jana Kašpara 1069/1, Praha 6 161 00

    Czech Airlines Technics, a.s.
    Jana Kašpara 1069/1
    16008 Praha 6
    Mr. Hubert Pikl
    (Marketing & Sales)
    Mr. Martin Houška
    (Supply & Procurement)
    E-mail: sales(at)csatechnics.com supply.box(at)csatechnics.com
    Tel.: +420 220 114 544
    +420 220 114 118
    +420 220 114 160
    +420 220 116 970
    Fax: +420 220 114 544 +420 233 323 829

    company PROFILE
    The Czech Airlines Technics company was founded on August 1st, 2010 as an affiliate of the Czech Airlines. In April 2012, a new owner, Czech Aeroholding, became the sole shareholder of the company. Czech Airlines Technics, as a former technical division of the Czech national carrier, has over 80 years’ experience of in-house aircraft maintenance, 50 years’ experience of jet aircraft maintenance and more than 20 years’ experience of western-built aircraft maintenance.

    MRO Czech Airlines Technics is located in the Hangar F at the Vaclav Havel international airport Prague. The hangar includes not only the hall itself, but also all shops necessary to perform full range of checks on airplanes B737CG, B737NG, A320 Family, ATR 42 and ATR 72.
    • Hangar hall dimensions: 56 x 210 x 16.5 m, area 11 760 sqm, hangar gate 205 x 15.5 m
    • Premises: back-shops (e.g. sheet metal shop, composite shop, avionics shop, upholstery shop etc...), labs and storages of total area over 22 000 sqm

    Services provided
    Base maintenance
    CSAT is authorized to perform base maintenance of these aircraft types:
    • B737-300/400/500 - up to D-check (CFM56 engines);
    • B737-600/700/800/900 - up to D-check (CFM56 engines);
    • A318/A319/A320/A321 - up to 12Y check (CFM56 or V2500 engines);
    • ATR 42/72 - K, C-checks, all levels up to 36000FH;
    CSAT also provides engine changes, gear changes, gear bearing repairs, avionic modifications, borescope inspections and recovery services.

    Line maintenance
    Line maintenance is available 24/7/365 for customers flying to Prague either on regular basis or irregularly; where necessary also outside of Prague on airports in Europe as well as over the world.
    Aircraft coverage:
    • B737 CG/NG  Transit check, DY, WE, A-check, Defect rectification;
    • B757/767/777  Transit check, DY, WE, A-check, Defect rectification;
    • A320 Family  Transit check, DY, WE, A-check, Defect rectification;
    • A330  Transit check, DY, WE, A-check, Defect rectification;
    • ATR 42/72  Transit check, DY, WE, A-check, Defect rectification;
    • ERJ170/190  Transit check, DY, WE, A-check, Defect rectification;

    Landing gear overhaul and maintenance
    CSAT provides complete landing gear overhauls in fully equipped shops. There is also a possibility to arrange a loan of spare landing gear sets and to provide complete technical support.
    • B737-300/400/500 (CG) landing gear sets;
    • B737-600/700/800/900 (NG) landing gear sets;
    Landing gear parts and components for B737, A320 a Embraer airplanes.

    Component maintenance
    CSAT offers complete components maintenance in own fully equipped workshops. To ensure customer full comfort some services for certain components may be offered in cooperation with third parties.
    Services offered:
    • Repairs;
    • Overhauls;
    • Test/inspections;
    • Galvanic work;
    • Full AOG support 24/7.
    (Find the Capability list on the CSAT website, please.)

    Structure Repairs
    Sheet metal works at CSAT cover all necessary structure repairs required during base maintenance as well as in stand alone cases. Repairs range from lightning strike damage up to replacement of main structure parts as skin panels, pressure bulkheads, frames, lip skins, cargo doors etc.

    Other services:
    • Non-destructive testing (X-ray inspection, ultrasonic, eddy current inspection etc.);
    • Engineering (EASA Part 21 [DOA] approval holder;
    • Metrology services;
    • Surplus sales.
    Please, find the full description on CSAT website.

    • EASA Part 145 No. CZ.145.0067;
    • EASA Part 21 (DOA) No. EASA.21J.308;
    • FAR 145 No. CLEY877C;
    • Bermuda DCA approval No. BDA/AMO/159;
    • Russian CAA approval No. 03.2.19-549;
    • Ukrainian CAA approval No. UA145-0563;
    • Canadian TCCA No. 811-08;
    • Indonesian DGCA approval No. 145/85600;
    • Tunisian GDCA approval TN-A/OM012.

    • Czech Airlines;
    • Finnair;
    • Transavia;
    • Germania;
    • Travel Service;
    • NEOS;
    • Aeroflot;
    • TUI fly;
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