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    Letecká čp. 1008, Kunovice, 686 04

    Website: www.evektor.cz

    Tel.: +420 572 537 428
    Fax: +420 572 537 910
    IČ: 16361733

    In the course if its existence, Evektor became a leading development and design center in the aerospace industry of the Czech Republic and is also considered to be a reliable partner in the area of development of airplanes, cars and their parts and components.
    Long-time company objectives are reaching the dominant position in the Czech aircraft industry and active participation and co-operation in the European aerospace industry, especially in design and production. Evektor has developed aircraft such as the EuroStar, SportStar, Harmony, VUT100 Cobra or the EV-55 Outback.
    At present Evektor employs about 280 designers and engineers.

    Evektor's design and development capabilities:

    • Aircraft development - Evektor is certified to design aircraft (DOA) according to EASA Part 21;
    • Design and development of an airframe including optimalization;
    • Design and development of airplane systems;
    • Power unit installation;
    • Avionics installation and design of the airplane electrical system;
    • All types of FEM computation, including crash analyses and computational fluid dynamics;
    • EMC by method of electromagnetic field calculations;
    • EMC analyses of intersystem interactions;
    • Analyses of effects of external radiation fields;
    • Analyses of indirect effect of lightning;
    • Rapid prototyping;
    • Design of assembly fixtures and jigs;
    • Airplane flight tests and certification.
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