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U Letiště 374, 250 70 Odolena Voda
Baranova 38, Praha 3, 130 00
Aeromedia is a Czech publishing company, which publishes magazines and books focused on aviation, models and military equipment.
Dr. Sedláka 763, Klatovy, 339 01
Na Záhonech 1177, Kunovice, 686 04
The main activity is development, production, maintenance and upgrading of turboprop commuters and sailplanes of own design, production of spare parts and subcontracting production of airplane subassemblies.
Beranových 65, Praha 9 - Letňany, 199 02
ATG is an engineering company with wide variety activities in NDT.
5. května 118, Milevsko, 399 01
Research, development and production of diagnistic devices for aviation.
Beranových 666, Praha - Letňany, 190 00
Avia Propeller is a machine-tool industrial company, which activities are manufacturing, research & development, repairs, overhauls, servicing and sales of aircraft all-metal propellers and their parts.
K Letišti 1063/27 Prague International Airport, Praha 6, 160 08
Bell Textron Prague provides avionics system sales, integration, installation and repair services to various customers and at the same time is the authorized Sales and Service Centre for more than 20 companies.
Výstaviště 569/3, 603 00 Brno-Pisárky
Na Záhonech 212, Kunovice, 686 04
Research, design, development and production of Light Sport Aircraft for basic and advanced flight training, basic military pilot training, general recreational use and air tourism.
Vaclav Havel Airport Prague, Jana Kašpara 1069/1, Praha 6 161 00
Konviktská 20, Praha 1, 110 00
Karlovo nám. 13, Praha 2, 121 35
Preparation of graduates for aerospace industry in the following areas: design, development and research in aerospace technology, technology of aircraft and engine production. Testing of metal and composite structures.
Průmyslová 462, Pardubice, 530 00
ERA is a leading company in multilateration, multistatic surveillance, and reconnaissance technology. We develop, manufacture and implement mission-critical systems for military and civil purposes.
Letecká čp. 1008, Kunovice, 686 04
Evektor is a design&development company focused on aircraft and cars as well as their parts and components design and production.
Beranových 65, Praha 9 - Letňany, 199 02
Producer of turboprop engines GE H80
Nádražní 400, 783 65 Hlubočky-Mariánské údolí
The Honeywell Olomouc Aerospace site specializes in the manufacturing and overhaul of complex static sheet metal and heat resistant components made of stainless steel and special alloys such as aluminum, nickel, cobalt and titanium for the majority of Honeywell aircraft engines and auxiliary power units.
V Parku 2325/16, 148 00, Prague – Chodov, Czech Republic
Ulice 3. května 800, 513 01 Semily
Production of aircraft landing gears and hydraulic components, hydraulic power steering, linear servo-drives, passenger's seats, heat treatment and galvanic surface protection
Znojemská 5594/54, Jihlava, 586 52
The main activities of the JIHLAVAN Company are focused on the development, production and services of aircraft and mobile hydraulic systems.
Budějovická 148, Velešín, 382 32
Production of instruments and components for aeronautical industry, production of hydraulic components for automotive industry. Centre of mechanical engineering.
Beranových 65, 199 00 Praha Letňany
Ke Kablu 289, 102 00 Praha 10
LAA CR - the Light Aircraft Association of the Czech Republic is an association of pilots, builders, designers, manufacturers and operators of light aircraft with MTOM up to 450 kg. It has 6 400 members and registers 7 900 aircraft and 10 000 pilots. LAA CR is a competent authority for Certification, Licencing and Operation of microlights in the Czech Republic. This covers paragliding, powered paragliding, hang gliding, gyroplanes, helicopters, weight shift and aerodynamically controlled microlight.
Beranových 65, Praha 9 - Letňany, 199 02
Daughter company of the LATECOERE, Toulouse; production of aerostructure subassemblies for Airbus, Embraer and Dassault aircraft
Technická 2896/2, Brno, 61669
Education and research in area of aircraft design, tests, material research, FEM and CFD analyses
Tiskařská 270/8, 108 00 Praha 10
Pod Hájkem 406/1a, 180 00 Praha 8
Okružní II 239, Jevíčko, 569 43
Production of parachutes and technical clothing, ballistic protection and devices for Police and Military forces.
Sokolovská 573, Mařatice, Uherské Hradiště, 686 01
Development and production of aircraft instruments and military communication systems.
Růžová 307, Zlín, 763 02
Barrandova 409, Praha 4, 143 00
At present, our purely Czech company is engaged in the development, manufacture, testing and servicing of aircraft instruments mainly based on membrane and gyroscope technologies. The product range is considerably wider and covers the following groups of instruments: artificial horizons, turn indicators, altimeters, vertical speed indicators, airspeed indicators, pitot-static tubes, pressure gauges and switches, control and signal units, warning and lighting systems. In addition, we cooperate with significant domestic and international companies from different industries in order to supply them with both precision machined parts and complex assemblies.
Panská 25, 686 04 Kunovice
Zerzavice 2146, Staré Město, 686 01
Design & Development of Unmanned Aerial Systems, Engineering Services
U cisařské cesty 219, 103 00 Praha 3 Benice
CAMO and maintenance organisation, producition and certification of aeroplanes.
Vlkovská 279, Velká Bíteš, 595 01
Development and production of small gas turbines, APU, ECS GPU, components of aircraft engines, high speed gearboxes, engines for UAV compressor and turbine units, etc...
Komenského 304, Nová Paka, 509 01
Interconnect components and complete assemblies for aerospace and military applications.
Technologická 945/10, 779 00 Olomouc
Huštěnovská 2022, Staré Město, 686 03
Wiring harnesses and electromechanical components for aerospace, defence and transportation industries.
Technická 23, Brno - Medlánky, 616 00
We develop and manufacture components for space agencies and private companies in the space industry.
Univerzitní 1119/34, 301 00 Plzeň
Jana Babáka 2733/11, Brno Královo Pole, 612 00
The SERENUM is a daughter company of VZLU. The main task of the company is to design, develop and produce unique high-tech electronic products for space as well as terrestrial applications.
Beranových 130, Praha 9 - Letňany, 199 05
Design and manufacture of flight recorders and aircraft monitoring systems.
Tovární 2053, Čelákovice, 250 88
Research and Development, metals, plastics, composites,experties, supervision, testing in accredited laboratories - mechanical testing, room and elevated temperatures, fatigue, metalography, creep, corrosion and hot corrosion testing, tribology, testing organisation for welding, Inspection Welding Centre, production of high performance permanent magnets, corrosion resistance coatings, PTFE and teflon products.
Na výsluní 201/13, Praha 10, 100 00
Production of hydraulic components and fluid systems for aviation.
Plynárenská 1, 602 00 Brno
Jundrovská 33, Brno, 624 00
Design and production of aircraft equipment as control units for engines, FADECs, multipurpose displays, electric power supplies. Services in climatic, vibration, EMC and HALT / HASS testing.
Studentská 95, 532 10 Pardubice 2
Mladoboleslavská 944, Praha 9 - Kbely, 197 06
The Military Technical Institute is a state enterprise established by the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic in order to provide strategic deliveries and services needed to guarantee Czech Republic's defence and security, as well as to fulfil its obligations associated with Czech Republic's NATO and EU memberships.
Beranových 130, Praha - Letňany, 199 05
VZLU - The Czech AeroSpace Research Centre is national central point for research in aviation and space. VZLU performs wide range of services necessary for development, modifications and certification of aviation and space products.
Letiště 1887, Otrokovice, 765 02
Production of aerobatic training aircraft, and multi-purpose aircraft mainly for military and government use. Production and testing of wheels, brakes, ejection seats, parachute components as well as other components for ZLIN aircraft and a wide array of clients from all around the world.
Tovární 11, 669 02 Znojmo
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