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Systems & Accessories
Beranových 65, Praha 9 - Letňany, 199 02
ATG is an engineering company with wide variety activities in NDT.
5. května 118, Milevsko, 399 01
Research, development and production of diagnistic devices for aviation.
Beranových 666, Praha - Letňany, 190 00
Avia Propeller is a machine-tool industrial company, which activities are manufacturing, research & development, repairs, overhauls, servicing and sales of aircraft all-metal propellers and their parts.
V Parku 2325/16, 148 00, Prague – Chodov, Czech Republic
Znojemská 5594/54, Jihlava, 586 52
The main activities of the JIHLAVAN Company are focused on the development, production and services of aircraft and mobile hydraulic systems.
Budějovická 148, Velešín, 382 32
Production of instruments and components for aeronautical industry, production of hydraulic components for automotive industry. Centre of mechanical engineering.
Beranových 65, Praha 9 - Letňany, 199 02
Daughter company of the LATECOERE, Toulouse; production of aerostructure subassemblies for Airbus, Embraer and Dassault aircraft
Okružní II 239, Jevíčko, 569 43
Production of parachutes and technical clothing, ballistic protection and devices for Police and Military forces.
Sokolovská 573, Mařatice, Uherské Hradiště, 686 01
Development and production of aircraft instruments and military communication systems.
Barrandova 409, Praha 4, 143 00
At present, our purely Czech company is engaged in the development, manufacture, testing and servicing of aircraft instruments mainly based on membrane and gyroscope technologies. The product range is considerably wider and covers the following groups of instruments: artificial horizons, turn indicators, altimeters, vertical speed indicators, airspeed indicators, pitot-static tubes, pressure gauges and switches, control and signal units, warning and lighting systems. In addition, we cooperate with significant domestic and international companies from different industries in order to supply them with both precision machined parts and complex assemblies.
Komenského 304, Nová Paka, 509 01
Interconnect components and complete assemblies for aerospace and military applications.
Huštěnovská 2022, Staré Město, 686 03
Wiring harnesses and electromechanical components for aerospace, defence and transportation industries.
Beranových 130, Praha 9 - Letňany, 199 05
Design and manufacture of flight recorders and aircraft monitoring systems.
Na výsluní 201/13, Praha 10, 100 00
Production of hydraulic components and fluid systems for aviation.
Jundrovská 33, Brno, 624 00
Design and production of aircraft equipment as control units for engines, FADECs, multipurpose displays, electric power supplies. Services in climatic, vibration, EMC and HALT / HASS testing.
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