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The Association of the Czech AeroSpace Industry (ALV), has 37 members, from major prime contractors and system suppliers through aircraft aggregate and component manufacturers up to small specialized companies.
Member companies cover the whole spectrum of skills from design, development and production of the aerospace systems to maintenance and operation including marketing and sales; in other words they cover the whole lifecycle of aircraft.

Activities range from military and civil aircraft, aircraft engines and weapon systems, to the space research, aircraft system components and aggregate production, including respective software.

ALV is an independent and open association of legal entities and as such the ALV in all its activities follows the document “ALV PROGRAMME DECLARATION”.

The ALV main roles and objectives are:

    1. To represent and coordinate
  • ALV covers whole range of activities in aviation in the Czech republic and acts as a representative of aircraft industry in Czech Republic, Europe and the whole world, representing aircraft industry in Czech, European, and international organizations and institutions, both governmental and private.
  • ALV coordinates industrial and business activities.
  • ALV harmonizes the technical procedures.

    2. To analyse and defend the ALV member interests
  • The analysis and defence of the aircraft industry interests is a key mission of the ALV.
    ALV scans any economic, social, financial, environmental and technical regulation likely to effect its member general interests, whether proposed at Czech, European, or international levels.

    3. To promote and train
  • To promote the Czech aerospace industry and its products ALV:
    • participates in trade shows and events;
    • organizes and coordinates the exhibitions and trade missions;
    • distributes information to trade and general media plus public and governmental authorities in Czech Republic and worldwide.
  • In liaison with universities, engineering schools and other institutions ALV contributes to Czech training programs.


ALV is a member of ASD and Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic.

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