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I. Basic information, missions and objectives

The Association of the Czech AeroSpace Industry - ALV - has more than 30 members, from major prime contractors and systems suppliers through a/c aggregate and component manufacturers up to small specialised companies.

They cover the whole spectrum of skills from design, development and production of the aerospace systems to maintenance and operation including marketing and sales.

Activities range from military and civil aircraft, aircraft engines and weapon systems, to the space research, aircraft systems components and aggregates production, including respective software. ALV as an apolitical, independent syndicate of corporate bodies has the following main roles and objectives:

  • To represent and coordinate;
  • To analyse and defend the ALV members interests;
  • To promote and train.


Represent and coordinate

The Board of Directors, consisting of senior executives of member companies, determines the lines of action to be taken, based on the problems shared by the companies.
Individual actions are taken by the relevant persons selected from ALV members, according the nomination recommended by specialists committee or council and approved by the Board.

In the frame of ALV three councils were established:

  • Science and technology council;
  • International relations council;
  • Human resources council.


ALV covers whole range of activities in aviation in the Czech republic and acts as a representative of aircraft industry in Czech Republic, Europe and the whole world:

  • representing aircraft industry in Czech, European, and international organizations and institutions, both governmental, public and private;
  • coordinating industrial and business activities;
  • harmonizing technical procedures.


Analyse and defend interests of ALV members

The analysis and defence of the aircraft industry interests is a key ALV mission.
ALV critically examines any economic, social, financial, environmental and technical regulation likely to effect its member general interests, whether proposed at Czech, European, or international levels.

This work covers the Defense, R&D, transatlantic relations, SME support, international intelligence, public markets, environmental regulations, security, certification and standards, tax, risk prevention, insurance and others.

At a time, when the proportion of civil to military business is changing, and more countries are setting up their own aerospace industries, and international cooperation can only increase, ALV has a very important role to play.


Promote and train

To promote the Czech aerospace industry and its products ALV:

  • participates in trade shows and events;
  • organizes and coordinates the exhibitions and trade missions;
  • distributes information to trade and general media plus public and governmental authorities in Czech Republic and worldwide.

In liaison with universities, engineering schools and other institutions ALV contributes to Czech training programs.


ALV is a member of:

  • ASD;
  • Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic.


II. ALV Strategic goals


The companies associated in ALV set down the following strategic goals to be reached till 2020:

  1. To become an European "leader" in the domain of the small transport aircraft (up to 19 seats);
  2. To become a respected partner and supplier of components, subassemblies, aggregates for both civil transport aircraft, helicopters and military programs(aircraft, helicopters, UAV, etc).


III. Priorities for the near future period


To enforce, as a cooperating member of "Working group for aerospace" within Economic Council of Parliament of Czech Republic, the interests of Czech aircraft industry and to gain the support for the improvement of the condition for its stable development in all level of management.
To support the creation of effective ways of communication between ALV and the Czech government authorities and European parliament members.

  1. To formulate the long term vision of the Czech aircraft industry development in a frame of Czech Republic and European and global cooperation.
  2. To define a new project of European importance, where the Czech aircraft industry can play a role of final assembly manufacturer in cooperation with the European aircraft industry. The goal of this project will be the effective integration and participation of ALV members as suppliers in this project.
  3. To struggle for the maximum support of research and development by all reasonable means and forms, so that the comparable condition with other European countries and NATO members were established.
  4. To struggle for the effective governmental support of sales of Czech aircraft industry products in international tenders, especially in area of military aircraft delivery.
  5. To enforce the broader involvement into existing programs of EU and NATO in cooperation with governmental authorities.
    To pay attention to the complex involvement in new project of EU starting in early stages of project with the following participation in a development and production of substantial parts of the project.
  6. To coordinate the activities connected with the execution of offset programs for ALV companies.
    To participate in the process of contracts and offset program preparation, according to the request of the Ministry of Industry Offset Committee.
  7. To provide the high quality information for ALV members about the preparation and the process of Framework Programs of EU. With its influence in European Association of Aircraft industry, Space and Defence to develop the condition for the successful participation of the Czech aircraft industry in the Framework Programs of EU.
  8. To make an effort for the effective coordination of activities in the research, development, production within the Czech aircraft industry and to make effort for the integrated approach to the cooperation in a frame of an European aircraft industry.
  9. To work out and negotiate with Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Defence the basic principles of long term cooperation in all areas of mutual interest.
  10. To apply to the governmental institution the request for the access to the information which is out of the power of ALV members to gain. To contribute to the information exchange between the ALV members.
  11. To negotiate with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and other governmental institutions how to set up the better condition for the aviation (respective technical branches) in the system of education. (Universities, secondary technical schools, apprentice centre, whole life education system, etc...)
  12. To cooperate with the publisher of AEROMEDIA, Letectví + kosmonautika, and with all other media with the target to set up the positive reception of the aircraft industry.
  13. To develop the contacts with the similar Associations both in Czech Republic and abroad with the aim to set up direct relationship and following long term cooperation.

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